Jamie and Kelly Camp are the masters of the ghoulish home on Saint Johns Avenue. They have a frightful teen named Aiden who loves to torture his parents and is very, very good at it. Kelly is dubbed the “Queen of Halloween” because she is a lover of all things UNALIVE. 

If Kelly lived alone, she would likely have Halloween décor up year round; however, Jamie would likely bury her in her own coffin if she didn’t have the decorations down by, at least, Thanksgiving. 

Every year, we all look forward to the biggest and best party of the year…the themed party thrown by the Camps. This is the one time of the year you are sure to impress your friends and acquaintances with your razzle dazzle of a costume (with or without a partner) complete with food, drink and décor that will astonish you! 

While Kelly’s supply of Halloween goodies increase year after year, her ideas for new themes and ideas doesn’t go away! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. She has plans and ideas for many years to come! That idea list, however, is under lock and key and is TOP SECRET. Only a select few will ever see it and the rest…well, you’ll just have to wait for the very well thought out invitation.

Happy Halloween!